How Do We Work?


We can assist with tasks such as tracking income and expenses, categorizing transactions, reconciling bank statements, and preparing financial statements.

  • Record and categorize transactions 
  • Identify tax-deductible expenses
  • Generate financial reports
  • Connect business bank accounts and credit cards
  • Occasionally review unknown transactions
  • Upload any statements for loans & lines of credit 


Federally Licensed Tax Experts empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury with unlimited practice rights in the entire U.S. We prepare your tax returns and represent you in IRS audits. 

  • Prepare and file your business tax return
  • Prepare and file your personal tax return
  • Estimate quarterly taxes
  • Approve tax returns
  • Provide any receipts as requested
  • Pay annual taxes


Pay yourself, employees, and contractors in minutes with our payroll service powered by Gusto.

  • Assist with Gusto payroll setup
  • Take care of payroll tax witholdings and filings
  • Provide support as needed
  • Send timesheets
  • Set pay amounts
  • Report any new hires or terminations

Pricing for other services available upon request

Tax Representation

Payroll Services

Business Licensing 

CFO Services

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S Corp Election

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